Celebrating The JLDC Senior Class Of 2024

May was an exceptionally fun and thrilling month at Joanne Langione Dance Center. It’s a time brimming with the excitement of costumes, rehearsals, and abundant recital preparations! However, for the JLDC Senior Class of 2024, May carries a touch of bittersweet nostalgia. Amidst all the recital preparations and end-of-year festivities, there’s a poignant reminder that this will be their final performance as students at their beloved second home.

Most of the Senior Graduates embarked on their dance journeys at JLDC as toddlers. Although it may feel like an ending, the invaluable lessons learned in the classroom, the cherished memories made on stage, and the deep friendships forged over the years will endure a lifetime.

One of the many aspects that sets Joanne Langione Dance Center apart is the familial atmosphere that permeates each dance class, rehearsal, and performance. This unique environment is beautifully exemplified by JLDC’s SeniorSPEAK tradition.

At the start of each school year, seniors are asked to contemplate the special presentation they will give on the eve of their final weekend as JLDC dancers. This solo performance and ceremony, known as SeniorSPEAK, allows each senior to take the stage one last time to express what dance has meant to them. It’s an intimate setting with teachers, parents, family, and fellow dancers, offering a heartfelt opportunity to encapsulate their entire dance experience.

In just one short weekend, seniors transition to alumni, leaving behind the stage they’ve grown up on, and facing the reality that they won’t see their friends in next week’s class. It’s a lot to process in a brief span of time. SeniorSPEAK serves as a unique and special “until we see you again” for JLDC dancers.

As the JLDC Senior Class of 2024 put the final touches on their SeniorSPEAK performances, we asked them to reflect on their time at the dance center. Some chose to share a favorite memory, while others opted for a meaningful quote. 

Regardless of what they shared, a clear theme emerged in each sentiment: the profound impact JLDC has had on their lives.


Sentiments from the JLDC Senior Class of 2024 

Allie C.

“I love JLDC because it has given me my best friends and an outlet to express myself creatively.” 

Allison H.

“These people are forever.” 

Anke S. 

“There is no greater feeling than being present in your body, appreciating not what it looks like but what it does for you.This is the gift that dance has given me. At dance, everything falls away. I love you JLDC.”

Chanel D.

“Music is life.” 

Calista N.

“I hate everything that isn’t JLDC.”

Emma Sh.

“Joanne Langione Dance Center is more than just an afternoon activity, it’s my home. I have twirled in Studio A on 35 Border Street and leapt high on 38 Border Street. I have hugged, laughed, cried, and cheered. Thank you to the older dancers for being models of the poised young women I want to be, to my teachers for guiding and watching me every step of the way, and to the class of 2024 for becoming my sisters- my chosen family. I’ll never be ready to say goodbye. I love you, JLDC. Forever and always. Here’s to one more Regis groove.”

Emma S.

“When I had nothing else, I had dance. Thank you JLDC for the best 6 years of my life.” 

Jill K.

“I can’t, I have dance.” 

Jane J.

“JLDC, there is no place where I feel more myself than here. Thank you for all of the memories, laughs, and fun. I will cherish them forever and ever. Love, Jane Jane Jane.” 

Jacqueline J. 

“Thank you JLDC for being so difficult to say goodbye to after all these awesome years.” 

Kate G.

“Dance enables me to express myself in a way that is unmatched by any other form of art.” 

Misha G.

“JLDC has been my second home since before I can remember. I have never laughed harder, cried on more supportive shoulders, and had such positive models- older students and teachers, than had here at JLDC.” 

Maggie S.

“So sad to have to “run away, baby” #exceljazz4”

Nina A.

“JLDC has given me my love for dance and inspires me to work hard in everything I do. Thank you!” 

Rebecca S.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes it so hard to say goodbye.”

Sophie B.

“See the music. Hear the dance.”-George Balanchine

Sarah H. 

“Some of my happiest and proudest moments took place at JLDC and I am so thankful for the ways they pushed me out of my comfort zone to be the best version of myself.”

Sarah O.

“JLDC has been a constant in my life no matter what and it has provided me a web of friends that are so important to me. Genuinely would be a different person otherwise.” 

Samantha W.

“From Playdance to senior year, dance has always been a great part of my life. While I am excited to begin the next chapter of my life, I am sad to leave this one behind.” 

Ray W.

“From student to alum, love, JLDC.”

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Shawn Mahoney

Shawn Mahoney began his ballet, tap, and jazz training at the Joanne Langione Dance Center and his early performing career with Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theatre in Boston, MA. As an apprentice, Shawn danced for American Ballet Theatre before joining Boston Ballet. At Boston Ballet, Shawn performed in Petipa, Balanchine, Kylian, Forsythe, Bejart and others. Shawn performed as a chosen member of “Tharp!”, a national and international touring company directed by Twyla Tharp. Ms. Tharp invited Shawn to be part of the creative and choreographic process for her Broadway hit “Movin’ Out” and performed in Tharp’s “Red, White, and Blues”. Shawn performed with the Suzanne Farrell/Balanchine Project, Sean Curran Company, Washington Ballet, and Bale Estado de Goias. As an educator, Shawn has taught internationally for Festa de Danca in Sao Paulo and Bermuda Civic Ballet. Currently, Shawn is on faculty at Emerson College, instructing dance classes to actors and musical theatre students and is a teacher and lecturer at Days in the Arts. Shawn founded Mahoney Agency, representing dancers for national engagements for the Nutcracker Ballet. Shawn is a sought out mentor for emerging artists and choreographers in ballet and contemporary dance.