The Importance Of A Dance Convention: Un.Convention Boston

Dance, as an art form, is a celebration of movement, expression, and creativity. For aspiring dancers, the journey towards their ultimate dance dreams involves not only honing technical skills but also immersing oneself in the rich and vibrant dance community. 

One exceptional way to do this is by participating in dance conventions. In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of dance conventions, with a special spotlight on the innovative approach taken by the Joanne Langione Dance Center in their unique event Un.Convention Boston. 


The next Un.Convention at JLDC is this month! Un.Convention Winter 2023 will be held on the afternoons of December 20th and 21st beginning at 4:00pm. The superstar lineup of guest faculty includes Guinness Book record holder, dance prodigy, and Youtube sensation Sophia Lucia, along with professional dancers Rory Freeman, Jeff Lapes, Michael Keefe, Chanel Aguirre, and Julia Dickey. 


Let’s do a deep dive on why Un.Convention Boston is unlike any other dance convention. 


The Dance Convention Experience:

The Importance Of A Dance Convention: Un.Convention Boston.

Dance conventions offer an unparalleled opportunity for dancers to expand their horizons. These events bring together talented individuals, world renowned instructors, and industry professionals, creating an environment that is full of inspiration and growth. Workshops, masterclasses, and performances at conventions provide dancers with a chance to learn new techniques, explore diverse styles, and gain valuable insights into the world of dance.

Dance conventions are typically held in a hotel ballroom or convention center. It is not out of the ordinary to be in a class of 200 plus dancers at a time. Before we move any further, let’s take a moment to grasp the pure size of a class that has 200 plus dancers in it. It is a lot.

For some dancers, that is an ideal scenario. It can provide motivation, inspiration, and a touch of friendly competition that can be motivating to dance outside of one’s comfort zone. For other dancers, it can be quite the opposite. It can feel intimidating, daunting, and extremely overwhelming which can result in lack of confidence, stress, and in worst cases, completely turn someone off to dancing at a convention ever again! 


The Joanne Langione Dance Center’s Vision:

The Importance Of A Dance Convention: Un.Convention Boston.

At the heart of the Joanne Langione Dance Center’s philosophy is a commitment to fostering creativity and individuality in their dancers. Their approach to everything they do is to make sure their mission of nurturing the next generation of dancers in a fun and loving environment is present with each and every event they hold inside of their dance center.

One example of how JLDC is committed to their mission is by prioritizing one on one attention inside the classroom. The goal is to have each and every dancer that enters the state-of-the-art facilities located on 38 Border Street leave with the feeling of being seen, heard, and inspired. 

Because of their promise to spread love and support through their dance training, it has resulted in creating the magic that is Un.Convention Boston. 

Un.Convention Boston goes beyond the traditional dance convention while still providing all of the incredibly valuable benefits found in a traditional dance convention. 


Un.Convention: Embracing the Unconventional:

Un.Convention Boston, organized by the Joanne Langione Dance Center, stands out as a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of dance conventions. This unique event takes a departure from the norm, encouraging dancers to embrace the unconventional, break free from traditional molds, and express their individuality. 

One major difference that sets Un.Convention Boston apart is the intimate size. Located in a small studio setting, Un.Convention Boston focuses on the gift of providing the highest level of dance education, true mentorship from world renowned dancers at the top of their dance careers, and the opportunity to build lasting friendships inside the dance community. 

Not to mention all of the incredible performance opportunities held at Un.Convention Boston! With the calibur of guest faculty JLDC provides at Un.Convention Boston, there is a good chance that the students will have the opportunity to dance alongside some of their dance idols!

Having teachers such as Teddy Forance, the co-founder of CLI studios, Sophia Lucia, the Guinness Book of Records holder for most pirouettes, and multiple So You Think You Can Dance finalists in person at Un.Convention Boston, is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many students. 

What’s cooler than taking class from some of the most famous dancers around the world? Getting to perform with them of course! 

Whether it is at the end of the week show during Un.Convention Summer, or having an opportunity to perform in a small group during classes, performing with such inspiring teachers can transform a student’s confidence, motivation, and overall passion for dance. 


Breaking Barriers through Un.Convention Winter and Summer:

Un.Convention Boston isn’t just a festive winter activity. The Joanne Langione Dance Center also has Un.Convention Summer! Both Winter and Summer events are carefully curated to challenge dancers to think outside the box. From experimental choreography sessions to phenomenal performance opportunities, dancers are exposed to a range of experiences that encourage them to break free from conventional dance norms. 


Fostering a Sense of Community:

One of the remarkable aspects of Un.Convention Boston is its emphasis on building a supportive dance community. Through collaborative projects and team-building activities, dancers at Un.Convention Boston not only refine their skills but also form lasting connections with fellow artists. 


Empowering Dancers for the Future:

The Importance Of A Dance Convention: Un.Convention Boston.

Un.Convention Boston at The Joanne Langione Dance Center aims to not only enhance technical proficiency but also to empower dancers with the skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving world of dance. The guest faculty of Un.Convention Boston provide insight into the world of professional dance whether that is dancing in an audition, dancing in front of a camera, or simply inspiring the next generation of dancers through their thoughtfully planned classes and choreography.

In the world of dance, conventions play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of artists. The Joanne Langione Dance Center’s Un.Convention Boston stands as a beacon of innovation, encouraging dancers to embrace the unconventional, break free from the ordinary, and chart their unique path in the world of dance. 

As the dance community continues to evolve, events like Un.Convention Boston provide a glimpse into the future of dance education—one that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the limitless potential of each dancer.  


Un.Convention Boston Winter will take place December 20th-21st, 2023 at Joanne Langione Dance Center. Can’t make it? No worries, Un.Convention Summer will take place August 19th – 21st , 2024 !

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Shawn Mahoney

Shawn Mahoney began his ballet, tap, and jazz training at the Joanne Langione Dance Center and his early performing career with Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theatre in Boston, MA. As an apprentice, Shawn danced for American Ballet Theatre before joining Boston Ballet. At Boston Ballet, Shawn performed in Petipa, Balanchine, Kylian, Forsythe, Bejart and others. Shawn performed as a chosen member of “Tharp!”, a national and international touring company directed by Twyla Tharp. Ms. Tharp invited Shawn to be part of the creative and choreographic process for her Broadway hit “Movin’ Out” and performed in Tharp’s “Red, White, and Blues”. Shawn performed with the Suzanne Farrell/Balanchine Project, Sean Curran Company, Washington Ballet, and Bale Estado de Goias. As an educator, Shawn has taught internationally for Festa de Danca in Sao Paulo and Bermuda Civic Ballet. Currently, Shawn is on faculty at Emerson College, instructing dance classes to actors and musical theatre students and is a teacher and lecturer at Days in the Arts. Shawn founded Mahoney Agency, representing dancers for national engagements for the Nutcracker Ballet. Shawn is a sought out mentor for emerging artists and choreographers in ballet and contemporary dance.