JLDC’s Summerdance: Bringing Summertime to Life With Dance, Art, Music, and Performance

From September through early June, there is rarely any down time for The Joanne Langione Dance Center located on 38 Border Street, and Summerdance is no different. With four state of the art studios filled with dancers seven days a week, JLDC has become accustomed to this lively environment with summer dance classes for kids in the greater Boston area.

While the school year might feel like their busy season, the summer time is really where all of the magic happens.

Each summer after a successful spring recital, the dance center wastes no time preparing for their next big event. What big event you might ask?

Summerdance of course!

What exactly is Summerdance?

Summerdance at JLDC is a 7 week long dance program with both half and full day options. It is the perfect opportunity for students to continue their dance training, enjoy summer fun, and to be able to create lifelong memories all under the JLDC roof.

Who is the Half Day Program for?

The Half Day Summerdance Program was created for dancers ages 3-6. This four hour program has been specifically designed for students to develop coordination, rhythm, and a love for music and movement. It also provides an opportunity for new students to learn how to move in an informal setting with an emphasis on the pure joy of dance.

For young dancers, the Half Day Summerdance Program might be their very first time entering a dance studio. The JLDC faculty have committed to and prioritized providing a positive and welcoming experience for each student that may enter their doors.

“This dance center has given my girls a great sense of confidence, a love of dance, and many treasured friendships.” – JLDC parent

Dancers participating in the Half Day Program also have the option to enjoy arts and crafts, outdoor activities, and special performance opportunities to show off their new dance skills learned throughout the program.

“Summerdance has been our favorite way to spend our summers. My daughter absolutely loves the classes and looks forward to it all year long.”– JLDC parent

The Half Day Summerdance dancers can’t be the only ones having all of the fun, can they? Of course not!

What is included in the Full Day Program?

The Full Day Summerdance Program offered for students ages 7 to 14 are just a studio away. The full day option is a week-long performance based program for beginner to intermediate students. Each week culminates in a fully staged musical showcase inside of JLDC’s very own Studio 4 black box style theater.

From 9:00am to 4:00pm each day, the Full Day Summerdance dancers experience all different dance styles ranging from ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, and musical theater. Dancers are also given the opportunity to learn new skills and choreography from JLDC faculty.

Because the Full Day Program is performance based, it provides a collective goal for students to work together, create their very own choreography, and present their finished product with an audience after a fun week of hard work.

While both the half and full day programs are in full swing, The Junior Apprentice Program is also simultaneously happening at the same time.

What Is The Junior Apprentice Program?

The Junior Apprentice Program is geared towards dancers who are eager to gain leadership experience inside of the dance center. Apprentices participate in the Full Day program with the additional benefit of demonstrating in the classroom, choreographing, and working closely with JLDC faculty.

This unique leadership opportunity offered at Summerdance allows students the ability to find their voice, learn how to set the expectation for younger dancers, and to gain valuable insight and leadership experience that can be translated into many different avenues of their life.

“The Junior Apprentice Program has taught my daughter so much. She learned about teamwork, motivation, discipline, empathy and more. She has gained so much more confidence and can’t wait for next year!”- JLDC Parent

Throughout the 7 week Summerdance Program, there is so much more gained for the students than just new dance skills.

For the Half Day Program dancers, they have found new friendships, explored their creativity, and gained confidence by performing in front of a live audience.

For the Full Day Program dancers, they have continued working hard on their dance training, honed in on developing strong technique, and have had the opportunity to grow and learn from new and inspiring teachers.

When deciding between all of the different programs offered during Summerdance at JLDC, there is one in particular that should most certainly not be missed: Un.Convention™.


Un.Convention™  is a unique 4 day dance workshop that delivers the best aspects of a dance convention in an intimate, studio setting, offered exclusively at JLDC.

The mission to preserve and foster future generations of dancers while providing a safe and positive environment is always at the forefront of each event held at the dance center and when it comes to Un.Convention™, it is no different.

Although there are many dance conventions in the Boston area that offer a similar experience, it has resulted in a rare and unique intensive that sets Un.convention apart from the rest. This is because JLDC has been able to stay true to their mission since the beginning. The faculty, guest teachers, and choreographers at Un.convention™ all share similar values when it comes to mentoring and inspiring dancers and that mentality can be felt throughout each class.

Un.Convention™ dancers take class alongside familiar faces such as their own JLDC teachers, friends, as well as world renowned guest teachers and choreographers.

Returning Guest Teachers – Un.Convention 2022

Teddy Forance

JLDC is extremely excited to announce the return of guest teacher, Teddy Forance, for Un.Convention™ and has quite the impressive resume.

Since becoming a professional dancer, he has had the opportunity to perform with celebrities such as Madonna, Janet Jackson, PINK, Usher, Lady Gaga, Florence and The Machine, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue and has even worked for Cirque Du Soleil as well.

Teddy has performed on the Oscars, Emmy’s, AMA’s, Billboard Awards, Britt Awards, Dancing With The Stars, ELLEN, and Good Morning America. He also is currently working as a choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance on Fox.

If all of that wasn’t impressive enough, Teddy also spends his time being a Co-Founder of CLI Studios. CLI Studios is an online platform for classes taught by professional dancers all over the world.

Jeff Lapes

Another returning guest teacher, Jeff Lapes has become a familiar face at Joanne Langione Dance Center.  Jeff has been involved in the dance industry since the age of 8 when he began training in all styles of dance. Hip-hop became his true passion after training with and mentoring Dan Karaty of SYTYCD fame.

He started working as a dancer in his teens and toured with artists such as Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, Ne-Yo, and Lil Mama. He has been seen on MTV, CBS, Broadway promos, and several music videos. On top of his professional dance experience, Jeff has hosted and performed alongside the students of JLDC in their annual Hip Hop Show.

Kaylee Millis

Kaylee Millis, who started as a JLDC faculty member, has returned back to Un.Convention each year.

She has trained in styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and hip hop. Her strong dance training and experience led to snagging a spot in the top 5 on So You Think You Can Dance Season 14.

Now that she lives in L.A., Kaylee has most recently danced for iconic artists such as Halsey on The Voice, and Janet Jackson on the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and is a brand ambassador for CLI studios.

A Commitment to Excellence

Since the very first year of Un.Convention™ in 2015, The Joanne Langione Dance Center has been committed to providing exceptional dance training for their students.

Alongside both past and present guest teachers that have joined the fun at Un.Convention™, the level of dance training offered at 38 Border St. is truly unmatched with their summer dance classes for kids.

Join the Full Dance Experience with Summerdance 2022

With guest faculty that have had impeccable training, impressive professional careers, and share the same core values that have made the dance center what it is today, it has transformed Un.Convention™ from just another 4 day intensive, to a “can’t be missed” full dance experience.

Summerdance at The Joanne Langione Dance Center caters to each dancer at every step of their individual journey.

JLDC provides such a wide variety of programs and opportunities to truly broaden dancers’ horizons during these summer dance classes for kids. There really is no better way to spend the summer than at JLDC!

Summerdance officially starts July 5th and will run through August 19th, 2022.

Jump in to all of the fun and let’s make it the best summer yet with summer dance classes for kids!

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Shawn Mahoney

Shawn Mahoney began his ballet, tap, and jazz training at the Joanne Langione Dance Center and his early performing career with Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theatre in Boston, MA. As an apprentice, Shawn danced for American Ballet Theatre before joining Boston Ballet. At Boston Ballet, Shawn performed in Petipa, Balanchine, Kylian, Forsythe, Bejart and others. Shawn performed as a chosen member of “Tharp!”, a national and international touring company directed by Twyla Tharp. Ms. Tharp invited Shawn to be part of the creative and choreographic process for her Broadway hit “Movin’ Out” and performed in Tharp’s “Red, White, and Blues”. Shawn performed with the Suzanne Farrell/Balanchine Project, Sean Curran Company, Washington Ballet, and Bale Estado de Goias. As an educator, Shawn has taught internationally for Festa de Danca in Sao Paulo and Bermuda Civic Ballet. Currently, Shawn is on faculty at Emerson College, instructing dance classes to actors and musical theatre students and is a teacher and lecturer at Days in the Arts. Shawn founded Mahoney Agency, representing dancers for national engagements for the Nutcracker Ballet. Shawn is a sought out mentor for emerging artists and choreographers in ballet and contemporary dance.