Stepping into Excellence: Announcing Improved Programs and a New Director of Student Development

In the heart of a bustling city, amidst the rhythm of life, there exists a sanctuary where movement becomes poetry, and passion finds its stage. 

Welcome to The Joanne Langione Dance Center (JLDC), a beacon of excellence in the world of dance education. Steeped in tradition yet constantly evolving, JLDC stands as a testament to the transformative power of dance. Today, we delve into the center’s longstanding commitment to excellence, their newest program, theDANCELAB at JLDC, and the appointment of Amanda Conroy as the Director of Student Development.

Founded by Joanne Langione, JLDC has been a cornerstone of the dance community for over four decades. What sets this institution apart is its unwavering dedication to nurturing not only skilled dancers but also well-rounded individuals. At the core of JLDC’s philosophy is the belief that dance is not just about mastering steps; it’s about fostering creativity, discipline, and confidence. 

JLDC’s School for Excellence

The School for Excellence at JLDC is offered to students who have worked diligently to develop their own creativity and technique. Classes are accelerated and offered to qualified students by invitation.  Amanda Conroy

In addition to their core technique classes, students who show special interest or ability in dance beginning in Grade K are invited to attend accelerated classes to further advance training and creativity. Excel Classes provide increased opportunities in performance, workshops, and competition for enthusiastic students to further their commitment to dance.

In the School for Excellence, proper class placement ensures the successful advancement of each student. Mid-year, the JLDC Winter Concert celebrates SFE students in a pre-professional fully staged performance. In spring, two select competitions are chosen to showcase students in a juried show. The school season ends with Annual Spring Recitals presented by all students. In early summer, advanced SFE students working at a very high level are invited to learn solo and small group choreography with JLDC teachers and guest artists.

One of the hallmarks of JLDC’s program for excellence is its emphasis on performance opportunities. Throughout the year, students have the chance to showcase their talents in the dance center’s annual winter concert weekend, as well as their spring recital. These experiences not only instill a sense of accomplishment but also teach invaluable lessons in teamwork and stage presence. 


As JLDC continues to uphold its tradition of excellence, it also looks towards the future with the introduction of theDANCELAB. This innovative program represents a bold step forward in dance education, offering a dynamic space for experimentation and collaboration. Inside theDANCELAB, students are invited to push boundaries, explore new choreographic techniques, and engage in interdisciplinary dialogue.

Amanda Conroy speaking to a dance class at JLDC/.

theDANCELAB fosters an intimate classroom setting, providing access to exceptional one on one focus and attention. Students are exposed to new exercises, an innovative approach to their dance technique, as well as the support and inspiration from their teacher in a way that is tailored to each individual dancer. 

Amanda Conroy appointed new Director of Student Development

In addition to these exciting developments, The Joanne Langione Dance Center has appointed Amanda Conroy as their newest Director of Student Development. With her extensive experience and passion for dance education, Amanda is poised to continue nurturing students at JLDC, fostering a supportive environment where every dancer can thrive. 

When asked about what this new role meant to her Amanda Conroy was overwhelmed with emotions:

 “Oh My! What does this new role mean to me…Deeper than words can express. To be honest, when I first found out, I was at loss for words. Numerous thoughts and memories flooded my mind, guiding me to this pivotal moment. I am so thankful and have deep appreciation and gratitude to have received this promotion. 

Shout out to the class of 2018…my first year at JLDC….they made me feel so welcomed and loved. They made me realize how special JLDC really is. 

I credit everything I am to my parents. They taught me to be independent, determined, kind, and passionate. They always believed in my dreams and told me “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” This statement has never rang more true for me than when I’m immersed in the fulfilling ‘work’ at JLDC. 

Also, I will never forget where I came from. Growing up in a close-knit small town and dancing at a studio that balanced competitiveness with a family-friendly atmosphere shaped not just my skills but also my values. The teachers and directors from my hometown studio are more than mentors; Their guidance and leadership have been instrumental in shaping me into the teacher I am today, and I am forever grateful for their influence on my journey.

Amanda ConroyBoston College brought me to Boston and I am so lucky to have received a masters in social work from a prestigious college. This degree helps me as a dance teacher in more ways than I may have realized when starting this career. It has taught me how to be an effective communicator, culturally sensitive, empathetic, and how to build great relationships. Social work has also taught me how to problem solve and be adaptable. By integrating these social work principles into my dance teaching practice, I can create a more holistic and impactful learning experience for my students, helping them not only improve their technical skills but also grow personally and emotionally through their dance journey. 

My new role as Director of Student Development focuses on creating a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes student success, and overall well-being. I want to make sure all students are engaged and love the art form of dance. Another responsibility I now possess is ensuring that all students are placed in the appropriate level of classes which is crucial for their success and overall dance experience. I will also be mentoring new teachers and teaching them how to contribute to the growth and success of the next generation of dancers. By doing so, it will hopefully enrich the dance education experience for students and contribute to the overall excellence of JLDC.”

In essence, The Joanne Langione Dance Center and this new Directorial position, embody a commitment to excellence and innovation in dance education. By nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and embracing change, JLDC’s initiatives continue to shape the future of dance, one step at a time. So, whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a curious beginner, come join us on this exhilarating journey, where passion meets possibility, and the stage is set for greatness.

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Shawn Mahoney

Shawn Mahoney began his ballet, tap, and jazz training at the Joanne Langione Dance Center and his early performing career with Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theatre in Boston, MA. As an apprentice, Shawn danced for American Ballet Theatre before joining Boston Ballet. At Boston Ballet, Shawn performed in Petipa, Balanchine, Kylian, Forsythe, Bejart and others. Shawn performed as a chosen member of “Tharp!”, a national and international touring company directed by Twyla Tharp. Ms. Tharp invited Shawn to be part of the creative and choreographic process for her Broadway hit “Movin’ Out” and performed in Tharp’s “Red, White, and Blues”. Shawn performed with the Suzanne Farrell/Balanchine Project, Sean Curran Company, Washington Ballet, and Bale Estado de Goias. As an educator, Shawn has taught internationally for Festa de Danca in Sao Paulo and Bermuda Civic Ballet. Currently, Shawn is on faculty at Emerson College, instructing dance classes to actors and musical theatre students and is a teacher and lecturer at Days in the Arts. Shawn founded Mahoney Agency, representing dancers for national engagements for the Nutcracker Ballet. Shawn is a sought out mentor for emerging artists and choreographers in ballet and contemporary dance.